Plein Air/Outdoor Painting Watercolor Workshop
Seacoast New Hampshire & Maine

Monday through Friday, August 17 to 21, 2020

Come with me to paint the many faces of the Seacoast.  We will be working plein air in different locations, for 5 days.  Monday through Friday.  What and where shall we paint?  There is so much to see!  Each year we explore another facet of our own wonderful New England coast.  The challenge is to create a vision of the locale, and keep it new, fresh!   Come and explore !

Workshop Details:

Locations to be decided on weather conditions, ease of parking, facilities, etc.

Proposed locations, but possibly changes might be made with weather in mind.  Sorry, but I cannot bring to you my very fun (fun for me to make!) lunches/salads and wraps, etc… is not wise in this Covid time. Come with your own bag lunch or inquire about take out locations.

Monday: 8/17 arrive 9:30 am to set up. 20 Newmarket Road, Durham, NH home of Andrea and Steve, on the Mill Pond waterfall, beautiful grounds, lush gardens, water view. Parking adequate for a number of cars, and town landing is just across bridge if we need to add cars. We are able to use the facilities, but bring hand sanitizer and wipes.   Shelter available if we run into sprinkles……….. Andrea will provide iced teas, plastic cups. Evaluation, Critique afternoon, possibly 2:30 or 3 till…?

Tuesday: 8/18 Creek Farm, arrive 9:30 am, driveway on the right,  #400 Little Harbor Road (at one end of South St Cemetery), off Sagamore Road, Portsmouth NH. Historic 30 Acre Estate. [The Carey Mansion is under under construction, so follow signs to public parking]. Port-o-potty available. Bring your own water. Waterfront view of Sagamore Creek, small boats, waterways. We may take a look at Wentworth Coolidge Mansion, just past the Creek Farm.

Wednesday: 8/19 arrive 9 am. Exeter Waterfront, Stewart Park.….along the waterfront. Some shady spots. We will be overviewing the river, looking across at the Exeter Mills. Parking is limited right there. Get there as early as you can. When we take any (few) available spaces, we will park on Water Street, the main street. Not a long walk. Lunches available, short walk away,  via St Anthony’s Bakery, Me & Ollie’s, possibly Billingsgate, Green Bean…..Bathrooms, public, on Main Street and at Seacoast Art Gallery, where we might go for a look at the exhibits.

Thursday: 8/20, Prescott Park, waterfront Portsmouth. Arrive 9 and do a walkabout if you like. Parking?…Always a challenge in center city Portsmouth. I will look to park on a section of Mechanic St, along waterfront by Point of Graves Burial Ground….a few spots…more spaces by Genos Cafe, same street. Some meter parking, but you have to watch the meter carefully! Parking tickets are no fun. Gardens are lush as ever, but if you have done that view, look towards the river, the commercial fishing pier, the benches, Sheafe Warehouse and pier. Public bathrooms available.

Friday: 8/21  – Location to be announced

Check with Doris: email or cell 603-724-7779 for daily updates and to RSVP with your day/days that you would like to attend.  Thanks!

Schedule daily:

  • We will gather mornings on location, 9 or 9:30,  set up, watch Doris demonstrate showing the theme for the day, then paint with guidance, or…total abandon, if you wish!.
  • Lunch break. Due to Covid restrictions this year, Doris will not provide lunches. Please come prepared with your own.…Then…..more painting time and break at 2:30-3 for an eye opening critique on the day’s efforts. Learn your strengths and where to improve. This is one of the highlights of the day!
  • We  wrap up after critique/evaluation, usually 3:30-4:00.
  • Cost for the workshop:    $350 for 5 days or $75 per individual day.
  • Hold your place and get on the daily schedule with $75 deposit. ($25 non refundable). Let me know your proposed dates for attendance.
  • Materials listed under classes on web site. Let Doris know if you need paper (100% rag 140 lb cold press @5.00 sheet 22 x 30) or need to rent supplies.


A General Workshop list is on line under classes. If you are already a watercolor painter, bring your own choice of materials. Easels are suggested, but not mandatory. Stool if you with to sit, but there are always benches around….Squeeze paint before coming to location. Saves carrying tubes. Water is available most days, but I suggest carrying in water in a plastic bottle. Carts with wheels ok for all of these locations…..or pack your supplies in a tote for easy carrying.

Need more info?

Email Doris:

Cell: 603-724-7779