Sicily Sept-Oct 2019

Plein Air/Outdoor Painting Workshop
East Coast of Sicily, Italy

September 27 – October 4, 2019

Workshop Details

Previous painting experience is not necessary. You can acquire skills as you paint! The lessons will include watercolor demonstrations, including principals and elements of making a painting. I like to focus on a ‘subject of the day’, weaving in the material. We will have an evaluation/critique to summarizer our efforts. This is a great learning tool for all levels!  We can travel from 2 locations to see surrounding sights.

Info on travel plans, to date:

Arrival at CTA, Catania Airport, should be arranged to bring us in about the same time. We will have a van pick us up and shuttle us to Location #1, Ortegia, Syracuse. If times do not match,  or if we are more than 8 we will arrange another shuttle  for transportation.

  • To date arrivals at CTA are:  9/27/19 Friday
    Doris 2:50, Vueling Airlines; Laurie B and Kathy F 4:30, Alitalia; Peggy C 2:35  Delta
  • Departures 10/4/19 Friday are from CTA  to your chosen destination:
    Doris and Laurie B. TAP/Alitalia 11:05 am; Peggy C. Delta 10:15 am

Locations for Accommodations:

  1. Ortegia, old town Siracusa (Syracuse), 4 nights. We have selected a ‘Double Apartment’ to share, large courtyard in between. Lovely accommodations in the historic area.
  2. Taormina  3 nights, Panoramic Apartments. Set on the hillside overlooking the city. 2 apartments with courtyards, nearby to great dining and sights. Mt Etna is planned for a day trip.

We’ll rent autos at end of our stay in Siracusa to travel a bit, then on to Taormina. Day trips will take us to historic sights and points of interest. We will dine in and or out,  paint lots….see it all!


Artist  Workshop fee $425.00    Companion/non painter: $250

Accommodations will be billed once we determine participant list, same with auto shared cost.

Deposit $100 due to hold your place / registration.

Contact Doris:


Preferred method of contact: email