Ongoing Watercolor Classes with Doris Rice

All levels of experience are welcome to join in the classes.  Beginners catch up quickly. Bring basic supplies: watercolor paints/palette, brushes, paper towels, masking tape, watercolor paper (140 pound cold press rag), water dish, etc. Call Doris if you would like a rental / loaner of materials for a class just to try it out…fee for materials: $5.00 per class.

Schedule (Check our calendar for specific dates)

Registration is required for all classes; please contact Doris.

Wednesday, ongoing on Zoom

Thursday, ongoing:
9:00am-12:00pm:   First Methodist Church, Miller Ave, Portsmouth, NH
6:00-8:00pm: Seacoast Artist Association Gallery. 130 Water Street, Exeter, NH

Outdoor workshops:  

In addition to these ongoing indoor classes, we paint outdoors in a variety of lovely locations when the weather is good.  Sign up for our newsletter for weekly updates!


  • Exeter Classes:  $25 per session, $125 for 6 classes (These do not have to be consecutive.)
  • Portsmouth Classes: $30 per session, $160 for 6 classes (These do not have to be consecutive.)
  • Zoom Classes:  $25 per session; $125 for 6 classses


Doris Rice watercolor classThe following list is generalized, including both studio class supplies as well as outdoor/plein air suggestions.  Feel free to bring your preferred paints and materials. Be familiar and comfortable with your supplies. Call and talk over any ‘mystery’ items.

Watercolor paper: 140 lb. Cold Press Rag/ 0ne sheet per day for plein air workshops/ 100% rag, any brand. Examples: Arches, Kilimanjaro, Winsor Newton, Fabriano, Lanaquarelle and more.

Palette: Your choice, suitable for watercolor. A covered palette is easier to transport.

Brushes:  1” and 2” flats/ sizes  #4, 6, 10 or 12, 28 rounds/#1 or 2 rigger  and any other favorite brushes….we all have our personal choices.   I love the Magic Muslin brush 3/4″, available via Cheap Joes Art Supplies

Backer Board: Any stiff portable surface will suit: masonite, foam core, wood. Cut board to 16 x 23″ for ½ sheet, 12 x 16″ for ¼ sheet, 23 x 31” for full sheet, if preparing your own.           For travel, a foam board cut to selected size, covered with clear packing tape, will be featherweight and durable. Make your own!

Easel: for outdoor use, plein air  upright painting easel… i.e.: Stanrite 100 (if you can still find one)  or French Easel ½ size (full size is too heavy for field work).  Light travel easels are good, but make sure you ‘rig up’ a way to hold your palette.

Misc: clips, masking tape, water bottle/plastic for carrying water,  water dish, sponge, paper towels……definitely a sketch book for preliminary thinking/composing,  pencils, eraser/drawing tools…. For Plein air use: Maybe a folding stool…backpack for carrying gear…suitable footwear for all terrain…and of course, sun block and a visor hat for protection…

Watercolor paints: Artist or Professional grade colors are recommended. Bring your selected light fast colors. Brand names like: Winsor Newton, DaVinci, Daler/Rowney, Daniel Smith, Grumbacher, American Journey, Sennelier are all familiar names. (DaVinci, my choice, offers the best price and I find most colors good quality and permanent). Black and white watercolors are not needed.

White gouache is recommended for opaque use.

My color choices are:

3 Reds: Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Red Rose Deep or Permanent Rose, Scarlet Lake or Cadmium Red Medium

Orange: Cadmium Orange

4 Yellows: Naples Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Light or Lemon Yellow, Gamboge Hue (I love Rowney brand), Raw Sienna

2 Greens: Winsor Green/Blue shade or Phthalo Green, Permanent Sap Green

3 Blues: French Ultramarine or Ultramarine (I prefer Winsor Newton), Cobalt and Cerulean.  Optional: Phthalo blue, Indigo, Prussian

2 Browns: Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna

Local Art Stores carry some items, or use the various 800# catalog stores. Google for website, or call for catalogue.      Cheap Joe’s 800-227-2788 or Daniel Smith  800-426-7923  or ASW 800-995-6778  Jerry’s Artarama 800-827-8478….or Dick Blick 800-828-4548. Or any other Art Suppliers found in American Artist  or Watercolor ads…Shop around!

The Wilcox Guide to the Best Watercolors is a great reference book for paints…and Betty Edward’s Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is good for us all!  Also, Cathy Johnson has a book  on Plein Air painting (c/o Northlight Books) I highly recommend them.